Ray Bradbury: Legendary Fantasy Writer (Life Portraits)

Born in 1920, Ray Bradbury spent his childhood imagining new worlds. Eventually, he put his animated ideas on paper, becoming one of the most popular fantasy writers of all time. His short stories, novels, TV shows, and films have taken people to never-before-dreamed-of places. Bradburys best-known and most beloved books, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and Fahrenheit 451, are classic pieces of literature. His scripts for the small and big screens are timeless, appealing to audiences young and old. Meanwhile, Bradburys own personal adventures in Hollywood have become the stuff of legend. A one-of-a-kind ability to spin magic with words makes Bradbury one of the greatest American writers of his day.

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Book Title: Ray Bradbury: Legendary Fantasy Writer (Life Portraits)

Book Author: Charles Piddock

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ISBN: 1433900599